Ali Ghorbani

PhD Student


Ali is now a PhD candidate in chemical engineering at University of Waterloo. His research interest mainly focuses on modeling and development of electrochemical energy storage and convergence systems including lithium-ion batteries, zinc-air batteries, and supercacitors.

The behavior of Lithium ion battery is an interesting multiscale, multiphysics problem consists of intricate physiochemical phenomena occurring in a wide range of scales from nano meter to couple of decimeters. Ali in his project models Lithium ion battery at two different scales including microstructure scale ranging from 10-9 to 10-6 m and macrostructure scale from 10-4 to 10-2 m. In the microstructure level, electrode architecture design including local Li transport path, interfacial surface area, porosity and tortuosity is characterized and modeled in 3D using nano X-ray tomography. In macroscopic level, anode and cathode pairing, layers thicknesses, load conditions and performance simulation is studied.


 AliGhorbaniP1  AliGhorbaniP2
 3D reconstructed microstructure of LiFePO4 based on nano-XCT

(red: active material , light blue:pores)

 LiFePO4 half-cell rate capability

(line: simulation, dots: experiment)