Amir Amirfazli

PhD Student


My research activities lie in analytical simulation and experimental modeling of energy storage systems and energy conversion devices, particularly Lithium ion batteries and PEM fuel cells. While pursuing my Master’s degree, my research focused on Numerical-Analytical modeling of thermal management subsystem of PEM fuel cell stacks and validation of the results with experimental test data. Furthermore, I was engaged in assembly and testing of PEMFCs from cell to stack levels for optimization purposes such as leakage diagnosis and purging. I have been pursuing my PhD since September 2015.

I am currently working on a comprehensive model for lithium ion battery lifetime prediction. This model consists of a Multiphysics-Multiscale simulation of degradation of Li-ion batteries based on real life conditions which will be coupled with HEV or EV and stationary energy storage system simulator. This will enable us to take a precise picture of battery SOH (state of health), and will eliminate costly automotive and stationary battery aging experiments which must be run over a wide range of ambient environments, drive cycles, and charging scenarios. In addition, I will do accelerated degradation tests of battery packs to validate my modeling results. As the manager of advanced renewable energy laboratory I am participated in other projects and research issues since January 2016. As my side project, I am working on fabrication, assembly and testing of advanced electrochemical sensors for gas detection in medical and industrial applications. I have developed low-cost sensors with reliable sensitivity and durability using optimized Nafion and very low catalyst GDEs which led to the submission of a provisional patent. I have also been active in the Ohio and NSF I-Corp entrepreneurship programs. These programs have helped me to implement the business canvas for commercialization of our Lab technologies and products. Moreover, I have written proposals to obtain industrial funding, and have been successful in securing a project from Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) pertaining to dynamic mechanical testing of rubbers for tire industries.