Muapper Alhadri

PhD Student


My research is about evaluating the lifetime of electrified vehicle batteries as a promising alternative rather than conventional automobiles. It is a way to reduce emissions and the dependence on oil and a technology to support improved management of demand and supply of electricity. One of the big challenges is the life of batteries which usually are degraded where a capacity reaches about 30% only from the initial capacity. The total lifetime value of the battery could be increased and the cost is reduced.

The concentration of the work will be on two parts: The first one is doing the life cycle assessment of the lithium ion batteries. This assessment is covering three aspects; energy, cost, and environmental impacts which occur in whole life cycle of batteries. Two phases are analyzed comprehensively, production and use phases. The production phase includes material extraction, material manufacturing, and battery production. Packaging and shipment are also studied due to the different aspect impacts between the two phases. Then the use phase which may have primary and secondary uses. The end of life stage is also considered which there are three scenarios to deal with batteries after degradation. These scenarios are recycling, remanufacturing which can be replacing the retired cells or efforts to remove solid electrolyte layer formation from electrodes, and reusing.

The second part will be more about studying one of three scenarios regarding the end-of-life of Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are reused in a second application after its retirement from electrified vehicles. The study will include modeling and experimental studies on testing batteries lifetime and performance. Different conditions of batteries are applied to both the model and the experiment and then results validated. The experiment includes testing the second life of batteries and computing the value of lifetime using the initial conditions. Three interconnected models are used to evaluate the long-term of lifetime which are electrical, thermal, and degradation models.