Prof. Siamak Farhad

Lab Director

mail-128 sfarhad@uakron.edu

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Research Summary

My research deals with mathematical modeling (multi-physics & multi-scale), manufacturing, testing and optimization of energy conversion and storage systems, electrochemical systems, and advanced sensors. My academic career is supplemented by several years of engineering experiences in the field of mechanical engineering overlapping with my graduate work. I have involved on several projects including lithium-ion batteries modeling, optimization, fabrication, characterization, and testing at cell and pack levels for applications ranging from small electronic consumers to electric vehicles to hybrid aircraft to grid energy storage; fuel cells modeling at cell, stack and system levels; development of low cost sensors for gas concentration measurements; fuel reformers modeling (partial oxidation and steam reforming); liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen and biodiesel production simulation; test procedure development for fuel consumption and greenhouse gases reduction in operating boilers, steam turbines and gas turbines based on ASME PTCs; solar power plant performance evaluation; and standard development for testing vehicle brake, mirror, safety belt, and tire. Much of my current research focuses on energy storage systems including development of performance maps, degradation and life prediction, reliability and safety analysis, and life-cycle assessment through modeling and testing. Also, I am working on development of new electrodes for ultra-flexible rechargeable batteries. Other research topics include minimization of catalyst loading in electrochemical sensors, development of micro fuel reformers for portable power generation applications, reconstruction and analysis of material nano-/micro-structure using nano-XCT and image processing techniques, development of a high power-density internal combustion engine, and multidisciplinary research efforts directed at applying micro- and nano-technologies and material science to manufacture novel energy devices.

Honors and Awards

  • Industrial Fellowship, NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) (Canada, 2013).
  • Strategic Post-doctoral Fellowship, Mitacs Elevate (Canada, 2012).
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) Award (Canada, 2010).
  • Awarded Poster, Fuel Cell Research and Development Network, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) (Canada, 2011).
  • MSc. Thesis Award in mechanical engineering, Country-wide Competition, Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, Ali-Nasab Foundation (Iran, 2002).

Professional Activities

  • Director of Advanced Energy and Sensor lab, Engineering Research Center, University of Akron.
  • Faculty advisor for SAE Electric formula team, University of Akron.
  • Conference / Workshop organizing: Recent Advances in Fuel cells (Ontario, Canada 2011 and 2012), Networking event in applications of micro/nano technologies (Ontario, Canada 2012), Summer course on “Exergy and Its Applications for Better Environment and Sustainability” (UOIT, Ontario, Canada 2012).
  • Reviewer for grant funding programs (Mitacs and NSERC) and leading conferences and journals (Journal of Power Sources, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Applied Energy, Fuel Cell, International Journal of Energy Research, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, AIChE, and Energies).